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Our Boys

Our Adults



Clyde is one of our young, gorgeous, dark tricolor males! Clyde is "homegrown" in that is was conceived, born, and raised right here with us! Clyde is still 100% European though since his parents are our Alfredo and Roxy! Clyde's personality can best be described as being a clown! He is candy to the eyes but a goofball at heart ;) He is also super loving and affectionate like his momma and daddy :) He is a big boy, and at 1 year old weighed in at 70 pounds! He will hopefully be siring some big, dark puppies for us beginning in Summer of 2020! Clyde is genetically clear of 3 of the more common genetic basset hound diseases.


Our Girls



Hello Evelyn! "Ozbun's Eager Evelyn" is one of our younger gals! She has been raised up since she was a pup here on the farm. Her momma is our Izzy and Daddy is Jack-Jack! She is a great combination of the 2 with some beautiful ticking on her tricolor coat. Evelyn is 94% Euro. She is very affectionate and always aims to please! Evelyn is AKC registered and weighs in at about 60 pounds. She has proven herself to be an amazing mom that loves her babies and still remembers how to play and have fun with them! Her genetic testing is clear by parentage. 

Basset Hound
Basset Hound


Say hello to our "homegrown" gorgeous tricolored girl, "Ozbun's  Lola's Legacy!" Lola is 75% Euro and very sweet and affectionate... but a bit stubborn at times! Lola is AKC registered and is a big girl at 60-65 pounds! She has had 1 previous litter of 10 and did a fabulous job with them! We are hoping for Lola/Alfredo pups Fall of 2018! Lola is genetically clear of 3 of the more common genetic basset hound diseases.



Say hello to the prettiest, sweetest Basset Hound! This is Roxy! Roxy came to us from Poland and is a beautiful girl! Roxy averages around 60 pounds and is short with great legs. She has also matured into a very affectionate girl that loves her snuggles and kisses! She has been an AMAZING momma and produced such a variety of colors in her litter of 10! Roxy loves puppies and likes to try and "mother" any pups she can get close to :) Roxy is genetically clear of 3 of the more common genetic basset hound diseases.



Hello "Ozbun's Easy on the Eyes Izzy" She is a sweet, BIG, girl with loads of loose skin!
Despite her looks she is not quite full Euro bloodlines. She is actually 87% Euro but definitely looks more like 100%! She is also one of our big babies that loves to sit in our laps! Izzy currently weighs in at 70 pounds. She will hopefully be producing some big beautiful pups in Summer of 2020!
Izzy is genetically clear of 3 of the more common genetic basset hound diseases.


(aka Lil G)


Say "hello!" to "Ozbun's Genteel Gigi" Gigi is also known around our place as Lil G mainly because she is our smallest basset at about 50 pounds and has 78% European bloodlines. She may be on the smaller side compared to some of our other females but she makes up for it in ears and skin! She has beautiful coloring, great ears, and enough loose skin to give her a "euro look." She is a laid-back mellow girl that doesn't get too worked up about much. She also claims the title around here for the most "stubborn." She is happy to do what you ask of her... when she is good and ready, but we still love her ;) 

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