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Girl with Basset Hound

Welcome! We are the Ozbun Family and together we live on our family farm in the beautiful rolling hills of Southwest Missouri. Our Basset Hounds are part of our family and enjoy being spoiled and loved on by our 3 children. Our goal is always to produce sound, healthy Basset babies that families will be able to enjoy as lifetime compannions just as we have. We feel that mixing American and European bloodlines produces a nice stockier Basset Hound with the long ears, droopy eyes, and wrinkley loose skin. You may wonder why we love Basset Hounds... well... for starters they are laid back, loveable, great with kids (they don't knock my kids down!), and they are the of course the cutest! We hope you enjoy looking around our website and if you have any questions feel free to email us! God Bless!

Lilly's Puppy
Basset Hounds
Ozbun Family
Owners Bryan and Candice Ozbun
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Hurley European Basset Hound
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